a|buse1 W3S2 [əˈbju:s] n
1.) [plural, U]
cruel or violent treatment of someone
several cases of child abuse
physical/sexual/racial abuse
Many children suffer racial abuse at school.
An independent committee will look into alleged human rights abuses.
2.) [U and C]
the use of something in a way that it should not be used
= ↑misuse abuse of
government officials' abuse of power
A self-monitoring tax system is clearly open to abuse (=able to be used wrongly) .
alcohol/drug abuse
(=the practice of drinking too much or taking illegal drugs)
3.) [U]
rude or offensive things that someone says when they are angry
vandalism and verbal abuse directed at old people
a torrent/stream of abuse
(=a series of rude or angry words)
shout/hurl/scream abuse at sb
The other driver started hurling abuse at me.
a term of abuse atterm1 (3)
abuse 2
a|buse2 [əˈbju:z] v [T]
[Date: 1400-1500; : French; Origin: abuser, from Latin abusus, past participle of abuti, from ab- 'away' + uti 'to use']
1.) to treat someone in a cruel and violent way, often sexually
sexually/physically abused
She was sexually abused as a child.
2.) to deliberately use something for the wrong purpose or for your own advantage
Williams abused his position as Mayor to give jobs to his friends.
Morris abused the trust the firm had shown in him.
people who abuse the system
abuse alcohol/drugs
The proportion of drinkers who abuse alcohol is actually quite small.
3.) to say rude or offensive things to someone
= ↑insult
Many soldiers in Belfast are verbally abused .
He came to the help of another driver who was being racially abused by three white passengers.
4.) to treat something so badly that you start to destroy it
James abused his body for years with heroin and cocaine.
>abuser n

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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